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    After trying numerous online and catalogue hamper companies over the years, anxiously awaiting our hamper order arrivals (some never arrived) and met with such disappointment each time, we were getting very discouraged. The lack of really great tasting food items and poor selection, i.e., cakes sold in tins and cheap mince pies that had taste and texture similar to cardboard... were just a few examples and most of which, ended up in our rubbish bin. Many of these hampers were quite expensive as well and when we talked to their customer service people, they appeared to be uninterested and almost acted as if the customer was to blame. This was hard to believe, but very true. We knew we could make a much better hamper and so our story begins.

    First of all, we wanted foods in our hampers that were something "extra special" that couldn't be found on the shelves of your local supermarket and tasted amazing. Instead of foods that were mass produced and available in any retail shop, we wanted to find smaller companies that were passionate about what they produced and preferred to produce their products in small batches. We attended many trade shows around the country and eventually discovered The Guild of Fine Foods. We learned they were an organisation devoted to superior quality foods in the speciality sector of the market. They started their Fine Food Awards in 1993 and it spread very rapidly throughout the UK's food industry in all sectors. The recognition scheme of their awards has now grown so big that it has become the standard for all fine foods and drinks in the UK. Any food products that have received one of their awards have undergone rigorous tests by their specially selected panel of judges and cannot only claim their product is of the finest, but can prove it with their distinguished award as well. We just had to taste some of their award winners to see for ourselves if these really were excellent products. One word describes it best: wow! We were so impressed. The award winners really were excellent! Many of the items we tried, we wound up bringing home and letting others try them as well. Our friends and families had the same response: wow! So, we started looking for food items that had earned these prestigious awards to put into our food hampers.

    Since our food products were being carefully chosen to be of the finest quality, we felt that our gift baskets should be the same. So, we sourced a wicker basket supplier that not only makes excellent quality wicker baskets, but also has an ethical and fair trading policy to protect the workers involved in the production of the hamper baskets. In this policy which we support, workers are highly skilled artisans who enjoy higher wages than realistic average local expectations. Men and women are paid the same rate for the same job and no child labour is used. Working environments far exceed regulatory standards of health and safety, which includes the provision of airy, well-illuminated modern workshops. So, the hamper you purchase with us, supports this fair trading policy which we think is important and know you will as well.

    We felt that our hampers should not only be packed well on the inside but also on the outside. They needed to be protected from any "lumps and bumps" they may incur along the way before they arrive to their final destination... an eagerly awaiting, very special person. We thought, what's the point of taking the time to order a few gift hampers, only to find damaged items inside once they arrive? That would result in such a major disappointment and that's not why we started our business. So, instead of taking that risk and choosing a cheaper, single-walled cardboard box, we opted for a more durable, double-walled cardboard box. Although a bit more expensive, it's twice as strong and less chance of getting damaged during transit, and that makes very good sense to our customers and to us.

    Although we have created a huge selection of food hampers, gift hampers , Christmas hampers , Mother's day hampers, Father's day hampers, luxury hampers, chocolate hampers, valetine's day hampers and birthday hampers to choose from, with a variety of foods in each, we felt it might be even better if you could Create Your Own Hamper. This way, if a customer wanted to create a unique hamper to their own personal taste, they could easily do so. So we whole heartedly did! The only thing more enjoyable than creating your own unique hamper, is receiving it. We made our Create Your Own Hamper section of the website user friendly and fun to use. Funny enough, it has become one of the most popular ways our customers prefer to send hampers now and we couldn't be more pleased about it.

    We now have a wide selection of hampers or gift baskets - if you are living the United States, including our festive Christmas hampers , none of which are pre-made waiting to be shipped out and all are carefully assembled by hand when we receive an order. We also have a wide range of prices to suit the most discerning tastes as well as those working within a budget. Many of our customers from around the world still have family living here in the UK and they come back to us each year because they know we are passionate about what we do and we always go that extra mile. Our customers mean the world to us and we want them to rely on us year after year...so we make sure our hampers arrive safely and on time! Whether your order is for one hamper or for a few hundred hampers or more, we will ensure it is hand-packed carefully and then double-checked by a second person to ensure all of the contents are in order before it leaves our premises.

    Excellent customer service is our "number 1 priority" and we are dedicated to delivering nothing less. We care about our customers in such a way, that we treat every customer like they are our only customer. We hope to build and maintain very good customer relationships with each and every customer we have the privilege to work with. We hope to earn our customers confidence in knowing that if a problem arises; it will be dealt with immediately and fairly. It's our hope that if our customers are always given the best customer service we can give, then we will have succeeded in doing our job well! After all, the only compliment we can ever hope to earn is your repeat business.

    Lastly, we are continually looking for new ways to improve and be able to serve our customers better than before. The best way we can do this is through regular customer feedback. We urge you to please take a few minutes to give us your feedback. You can call us directly or email us here. Here are a few comments from some of our customers - Click here to see some of our customer testimonials.

    Thank you very much indeed for your business, having faith in what we do and taking the time to read our little story. We hope you and your recipient are as pleased with your hamper gift as we are making it for you - The Hamper and Gift People