What Are Food Hampers?

To explain in simple terms, food hampers are traditional wicker baskets filled with various types of foods and drinks, wrapped up and presented as gifts to family, friends and clients. Here’s how they originated and became what they are today.

Food hampers as we know them presently, date back to Victorian times and even beyond that. Typically at Christmas, wealthy Victorian families throughout England would package up seasonal foods in lidded wicker hampers and give them as gifts to their hired staff. These food hampers would have the necessary foods required to create a festive feast for their own families. During these times, it was a very lovely gift to recieve and the Victorians were known to be quite generous to their staff at Christmas time. There was also evidence of hampers given by charitable organisations that contained donated second hand clothing, household cleaning products and vegetables that helped needy families through financially difficult times.

As the industrial revolution expanded and railroads became more accessible throughout England and Europe, people found it easier to send food hampers by rail. Hence, the concept of sending food hampers from a distance was born. First on the commercial scene, was a small London retail shop that came up with the idea of sending food hampers as gifts for Christmas. The brainstorm caught on well and became an incredibly popular way of delivering gifts at Christmas in England. Other countries like the United States, Canada and Australia heard of this marvelous gift giving concept at Christmas and soon created their own versions of food hampers and gift baskets.

Hampers have come a long way since the Victorian times. From traditonal wicker baskets with loafs of bread, hard cheeses, seasonal fruit and vegetables to what’s available now, they’ve really become the smart gift to give. With the help of the industrial revolution, food & packaging innovations and the internet, today’s food hampers are the best ever. If you’re short of time you can choose from pre-selected hamper baskets that contain a wide variety of foods, chocolates, puddings and drinks. If that’s not what you’re after, you can also create your own hamper online in just a few minutes. This has proved to be a popular way to send hampers. With a wide selection of food categories to choose from, you simply pick the food items you want and go to checkout to complete your transaction.  Add the delivery name & address and a personal message and you’re done. Within a short time, you’ll receive a confirmation of your order by email and estimated delivery date. Best of all, you’ve done this online in only a few minutes. The hassle of driving, parking and time it takes to shop has been completely removed. That’s convenience. Give it a try and take the stress out of your gift giving.



Hamper Delivery to the EU

When planning to send a hamper to the European Union, these helpful tips are well worth remembering. Discover simplistic ways that can keep it stress free.

Sending parcels to the EU has become far more widespread now than ever before. The job market has been the biggest culprit in luring people all across Europe. With companies continually expanding their horizons, key personnel are being relocated to numerous culturally rich countries throughout the EU. Fantastic opportunities await, but families sometimes find it a bit lonely during the holidays. A taste of home can be very welcoming to family members living in the European Union.

Hamper delivery can be a delightful way of sending favourite food gifts abroad. But transporting parcels abroad has some stipulations that need to be adhered to. The biggest concern to remember is that delivery time will be much longer than in the UK. The average delivery estimations by reputable courier companies are two to five working days. Weekends are never included in these estimations. Reasons for the variation in delivery times can be a number of factors ranging from road and traffic conditions to the overall distance of delivery. With this in mind, it’s wise to send hampers that travel well.

When choosing food hampers to send, fresh foods such as cheese or smoked salmon aren’t your best choice whatsoever. Fresh foods are packed in special containers to keep them cool, but after two or more days on the road, especially in summer weather, the risk of spoilage is far too great. Foods that travel best are always going to be sweets, biscuits, preserves, chutneys and most cakes and bakery items. These foods are not affected by warmer temperatures and can be transported easily without any problems at all. If transporting throughout the EU results in any delay, it won’t affect the quality of foods delivered.

To keep your hamper delivery on time and in avoidance of any delays, there are some simple tasks that should be met. Make certain the delivery address is filled out completely, including correct postal code. Leaving out a crucial letter or number from the postal code can delay parcels for days or weeks, depending on the time of year. Another important bit of information to pay close attention to is the delivery phone number and area code. If the delivery courier is having difficulty finding the address for some reason, the provided phone number can make such a difference. The driver can call the address and get directions and the delivery is completed without delay. These simple details make all the difference with delivery couriers. Always proofread the delivery details a second time to make certain all the necessary information has been completed without any errors. By paying close attention to the details of the delivery, your hamper can be delivered easily.

Hamper Buying Guide

Food hampers - Charles hamper

Charles Hamper

So you want to send a hamper to a friend, relative or client but have no idea how to do it. Well, not to worry, as this blog post is here to help you.

First thing you need to decide is what’s the occasion or event? You’ll want to get an appropriate hamper for the occasion. With this thought in mind, we’ve tried to keep our website simple and straight forward. On the homepage in the left hand margin, you’ll see that we have various categories and styles of hampers for many different occasions. Browse the different categories and see if there’s a hamper you like. But that’s not all.

If you’re not too concerned about a particular occasion and just want to send a nice food gift, you might want to try and create your own hamper. On the top of the left hand margin, you’ll see the link: create your own hamper. Making your own hamper gift means that from our list of categories, you can choose from loads of savoury foods, drinks, puddings, cakes, etc., that you want in your hamper gift. It’s quite a popular way for customers (and our corporate orders) to personalise hampers and you can delete any item at any time if something isn’t right. It also has the added benefit of keeping your hamper costs under control. If the cost of the hamper is higher than you wanted to pay, simply delete off a few items until you have the desired price you want to pay. Once you have exactly what you want, you simply proceed to checkout and finalise your purchase and arrange delivery.

If you’ve decided to make your own hamper but not sure what to add to your hamper, here’s a few helpful suggestions. You might want to start by looking at some of our prearranged hampers to get some ideas. We have sweet hampers, food hampers, Christmas hampers and the list goes on and on. Many have a wide variety of goodies, but you may only want savoury foods in your hamper. Another idea is to take a few minutes to think what the recipient loves to eat. Many people love chocolate and we have a superb selection of all kinds of chocolates in various shapes and sizes. Good rule of thumb, always look at each item and visualise how they will all look together in one hamper. Try doing a themed hamper that might have cheeses, chutney, savoury biscuits and possibly a nice sweet or pudding. Once you start thinking about it, the possibilities are endless.

Hopefully, you’ve now got a good idea of what kind of hamper you want. As you’re proceeding through to checkout, you’ll be asked if you’d like to add a personal message to your gift. I highly recommend doing this. There’s nothing more frustrating to a recipient than receiving a lovely gift but having no idea who sent it. We’ve actually had recipients phone us to ask why they received a hamper from us. It only takes a few minutes and all personal messages are handwritten on lovely cards with envelopes and attached to the top of each hamper.

As you’re finalising your transaction in checkout, you have two methods of payment, Google Checkout or Paypal either of which you will need to have an account already set up. If you don’t, just follow the online steps to opening an account and it can be done in a matter of minutes. If you are using Google Checkout, please make sure that the delivery name and address are completely filled out. By including the delivery phone number, correct county and postal code, you’ll be aiding in a smooth, trouble free delivery that arrives on time without any unnecessary delays. If you’re using Paypal, don’t forget to edit your delivery name and address as you’re completing the transaction. Thus, when we receive the order details, we’ll have all the required information available.

If you have a preferred delivery date, especially at Christmas, we have a very easy way to do this. After completing your transaction at checkout, immediately email us at sales@thehamperandgiftpeople.co.uk to let us know of your delivery preferences. Simply copy and paste your completed transaction number with your name and tell us your preferred delivery date. Once we receive your email, we’ll confirm back that your order will be delivered on your requested date. It’s that simple and we do this all year long. So, if you’re in a hurry, this will make gift giving a lot easier for you.

All of our hampers are carefully hand wrapped and packed securely by caring people. As a final touch, we always present our hampers with a beautiful ribbon, bow and your personal handwritten message, just as you would have done yourself. Not only do our hampers have tasty foods inside them, but are very attractively displayed as well. One final thought, if you are ever unsure of anything, you can always give us a call.