Hamper Delivery to the EU

When planning to send a hamper to the European Union, these helpful tips are well worth remembering. Discover simplistic ways that can keep it stress free.

Sending parcels to the EU has become far more widespread now than ever before. The job market has been the biggest culprit in luring people all across Europe. With companies continually expanding their horizons, key personnel are being relocated to numerous culturally rich countries throughout the EU. Fantastic opportunities await, but families sometimes find it a bit lonely during the holidays. A taste of home can be very welcoming to family members living in the European Union.

Hamper delivery can be a delightful way of sending favourite food gifts abroad. But transporting parcels abroad has some stipulations that need to be adhered to. The biggest concern to remember is that delivery time will be much longer than in the UK. The average delivery estimations by reputable courier companies are two to five working days. Weekends are never included in these estimations. Reasons for the variation in delivery times can be a number of factors ranging from road and traffic conditions to the overall distance of delivery. With this in mind, it’s wise to send hampers that travel well.

When choosing food hampers to send, fresh foods such as cheese or smoked salmon aren’t your best choice whatsoever. Fresh foods are packed in special containers to keep them cool, but after two or more days on the road, especially in summer weather, the risk of spoilage is far too great. Foods that travel best are always going to be sweets, biscuits, preserves, chutneys and most cakes and bakery items. These foods are not affected by warmer temperatures and can be transported easily without any problems at all. If transporting throughout the EU results in any delay, it won’t affect the quality of foods delivered.

To keep your hamper delivery on time and in avoidance of any delays, there are some simple tasks that should be met. Make certain the delivery address is filled out completely, including correct postal code. Leaving out a crucial letter or number from the postal code can delay parcels for days or weeks, depending on the time of year. Another important bit of information to pay close attention to is the delivery phone number and area code. If the delivery courier is having difficulty finding the address for some reason, the provided phone number can make such a difference. The driver can call the address and get directions and the delivery is completed without delay. These simple details make all the difference with delivery couriers. Always proofread the delivery details a second time to make certain all the necessary information has been completed without any errors. By paying close attention to the details of the delivery, your hamper can be delivered easily.

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