Christmas Hampers That Are A Bit Different

Sleigh Bells Hamper

Sleigh Bells Hamper

It’s been such an amazing year here in the UK. Among the many exciting events were the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration, the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. But even with all that now behind us, we still have the best holiday of the year on the horizon which is our holly, jolly Christmas! Before we realise it, we’ll all be madly dashing around for exciting Christmas gifts to give to our family, friends and business associates. But each year, everyone wants to find something a bit different to get people.

Holiday Cheer HamperWe would like to recommend sending our Christmas hampers this year. We always enjoy creating hampers that are a bit out of the ordinary especially, our range of festive Christmas hampers. This year is no different. Our yuletide collection is like nothing available on the internet or in any high street shops. We’ve created a range that is really quite different and we think you are going to love them.

Snowman HamperThese hampers for Christmas are bundled up in unique containers of various colours, shapes and styles. All of the containers are completely reusable for numerous decorative features around the home. Their contents vary from savoury pates and oval albert biscuits to Belgian fine chocolates and homemade mince pies. All are lovingly wrapped with beautiful Xmas ribbons and bows to give them a real “wow factor”. With the unfavourable economy in mind, we’ve tried to keep prices down so they’re more affordable to everyone. Our Christmas hampers are gorgeously presented and still kept sensibly priced.

Savoury Christmas HamperSo, as the time nears to do your gift giving for the holiday season, we hope you’ll consider our festive Christmas hampers at The Hamper and Gift People. When you’re looking for something a bit different in the way of food hampers, ours are the “bee’s knees”! As always, we have traditional Christmas hampers packed in wicker trays and baskets, if you prefer. Lastly, the website has the ability to “create your own hamper” as well, if you want to make your hamper a bit more personal.



Why Send Hampers For Christmas?

As we start our approach to another Christmas season, the question in the back of many people’s minds is always - “What do I get them this year?” The answer usually comes back as “I haven’t a clue.” So, it gets put off as long as possible to avoid the decision. Before you know it, Christmas is only a few days away and you’re now back into a stressful situation of coming up with a quick gift. Panic, panic.

Sound too familiar? Of course it does. We’ve all been there and dread it once we’re there. Why go through it all again this year? Just for Christmas HamperAvoid it all this year and send hampers for Christmas! Christmas hampers is the most logical and tastiest choice every time. Why, you ask? Because Xmas hampers, filled with loads of gourmet foods and treats is a gift everyone loves. Sending festive foods & sweets for Christmas is such a thoughtful way to express your holiday cheer to loved ones and are always very well received. The Xmas hamper choices available online are enormous. But if you just don’t find the perfect hamper to send, then have you considered creating your own hamper? We wrote a post a few weeks back about making your own hamper here. It’s easy to do, only takes a few minutes online and you can do it all in the comfort of your home, right on our website. Pick and choose the items you want to go in your hamper gift and at the same time, keep a lid on the costs to stay within your budget. Simply remove an item from your basket before proceeding to checkout. Don’t forget to add a free personal message to your hamper order, so the person receiving the food gift knows who sent it and why.

There are other things you can get people for Christmas. Some people insist on sending flowers or bottles of alcohol that are always nicely wrapped up. But honestly, do you really get that excited at the thought of receiving flowers or a bottle of bubbly for Christmas? Doesn’t do much for me. The flowers never seem to last very long and the bubbly is just not very inspiring as a Christmas gift, in my humble opinion. By sending a lovely Christmas hamper, your gift tells the recipient how much thought you put into getting them a nice food gift they can share with their family. After all, it’s always the thought that counts. A Christmas hamper with amazing homemade mince pies, delicious Belgian chocolates with lovely soft centre’s, a handmade Christmas cake that tastes like no other and even some yummy marzipan fruits…is going to dazzle anyone’s taste buds in a hurry. If I was able to choose my Xmas gift between a bottle of booze, a bouquet of flowers or a tasty Christmas hamper…it would take me less than a second to decide.

Rudolph's Christmas HamperGive them something they’ll really enjoy this Christmas. Why not send your family, friends and clients a tasty Christmas hamper from The Hamper and Gift People. Just click on the tab at the top of this blog post that says “buy hampers”. It will connect you to our website and you’ll be able to browse all of our lovely Christmas hampers we offer.