Hampers With A New Look

 Are you someone that enjoys something a bit different or out of the ordinary? Tired of the same old routine you see day in and day out? Well, we felt the same way and decided to make an attractive change to some of our hamper range.

The Hamper and Gift People "Blue Ribbon Hamper"Not too long ago, we decided to create some very attractive new hampers. Our traditional wicker baskets and trays are always going to be on offer. But we have created some exciting new hampers that are really unique and well, we must say they look absolutely gorgeous. All of the containers our new hampers have been created with are reuseable for dozens of uses around the home. After your recipient has devoured the delicious foods and treats in their gift basket, they’ll have a lovely container that can be used around the home for so many uses. Many of the new hampers are packed in planter pots. These pots come in a variety of dazzling colors and styles. These planters are perfect for planting herbs and indoor house plants.

These new hampers have a variety of goodies that anyone would love to receive as a gift. Some of the items included in these lovely gifts are chocolates and chocolate cremes, truffles, cookies, shortbread biscuits, savoury biscuits, cakes, handmade brownies, award winning chutneys, relishes, pates, award winning preserves, savoury snacks, sweets and a variety of teas and coffee. We also have a Christmas range that will include handmade mince pies, Christmas pudding and Christmas cake. Each are different, so there are dozens of food and treat combinations available. We have also been very mindful on keep our prices down so they are affordable.

The Hamper and Gift People LogoIn addition to these new hampers, we have changed our logo a bit. We now have an oval logo that gets attached to each of our hampers. As time goes on, you will see more of our logo in everything we sell. We have added the new logo to our Twitter page, Facebook page, Google Plus page and Pinterest page. We have also added social media links to the homepage of our website. Please click on any of the links and say hello. We would be so thrilled to hear from you. Quite often, you’ll find us there chatting away to our lovely followers. - The Hamper and Gift People