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If you are thinking about sending someone a nice food hamper and not sure what to send, this post is here to help. Hopefully, this will help you decide the best direction to go with your food hamper gift.

First thing to think about is the person you are sending it to. You know what they like and aren’t crazy about. If it helps, make a list of the foods and treats that you know they love. If you still aren’t sure, ask one of their friends, family members or a coworker. It’s a sneaky way to get the low down on what they love to eat and it’ll make your gift a cherished one.

On our website, we have loads of hamper choices and everything has been thought out already. All you have to do is choose one you like and go through checkout. But if you would like to create your own hamper, we have a section that’ll let you do just that. Just look for the create your own hamper button on the left hand margin and it will take you to the food and treat categories. Simply choose the foods and sweets you like and add them to your shopping cart. When you are done, it’ll show you the total and you can finalize your transaction quite easily. But what if this is your first time and you’re just not sure what foods go best with what?

If you are sending a sweet hamper, you might want to keep the items sweet related. Chocolates are always a popular choice. If you click on the category titles related to sweets, it’ll be pretty straight forward. But if you want to send a more savoury hamper, there’s a few things you might want to remember. If you want to send a nice mature cheddar, think about what goes well with cheddar. Here’s a hint: McKenzie’s oval albert savoury biscuits go great with any cheese. But that’s still not enough to make your hamper look great. Add a nice pate to your hamper. Everyone loves a tasty pate, and there are loads of great choices. I would also recommend adding a nice chutney to this tasty hamper. An oval albert biscuit with a slice of mature cheddar and a nice red onion marmalade or a beetroot and orange chutney is just awesome. So, now you’ve added a few foods that all compliment each other and the price of the hamper is still quite sensibly priced. Sometimes people like to add a few cheeses, or a couple of different oval albert biscuits to the hamper. Some like to add cheese straws with all of this, which also goes very well. You could even add a non alcoholic fruit juice that would make it even nicer for your recipient. Some might even add a bad of mint cremes as a little dessert. All are great choices and the more foods you add the nicer the gift becomes. If you are on a budget, just delete an item and it comes straight off the total immediately.

Well, I hope this post has given you some ideas of what you can add to a hamper gift to make it special. There really is no wrong way to make a hamper, but by adding items that compliment each other, your recipient benefits big time and will thank you over and over again. Hope you have fun making your own hamper and don’t forget to save us to your favourites.

What Are Food Hampers?

To explain in simple terms, food hampers are traditional wicker baskets filled with various types of foods and drinks, wrapped up and presented as gifts to family, friends and clients. Here’s how they originated and became what they are today.

Food hampers as we know them presently, date back to Victorian times and even beyond that. Typically at Christmas, wealthy Victorian families throughout England would package up seasonal foods in lidded wicker hampers and give them as gifts to their hired staff. These food hampers would have the necessary foods required to create a festive feast for their own families. During these times, it was a very lovely gift to recieve and the Victorians were known to be quite generous to their staff at Christmas time. There was also evidence of hampers given by charitable organisations that contained donated second hand clothing, household cleaning products and vegetables that helped needy families through financially difficult times.

As the industrial revolution expanded and railroads became more accessible throughout England and Europe, people found it easier to send food hampers by rail. Hence, the concept of sending food hampers from a distance was born. First on the commercial scene, was a small London retail shop that came up with the idea of sending food hampers as gifts for Christmas. The brainstorm caught on well and became an incredibly popular way of delivering gifts at Christmas in England. Other countries like the United States, Canada and Australia heard of this marvelous gift giving concept at Christmas and soon created their own versions of food hampers and gift baskets.

Hampers have come a long way since the Victorian times. From traditonal wicker baskets with loafs of bread, hard cheeses, seasonal fruit and vegetables to what’s available now, they’ve really become the smart gift to give. With the help of the industrial revolution, food & packaging innovations and the internet, today’s food hampers are the best ever. If you’re short of time you can choose from pre-selected hamper baskets that contain a wide variety of foods, chocolates, puddings and drinks. If that’s not what you’re after, you can also create your own hamper online in just a few minutes. This has proved to be a popular way to send hampers. With a wide selection of food categories to choose from, you simply pick the food items you want and go to checkout to complete your transaction.  Add the delivery name & address and a personal message and you’re done. Within a short time, you’ll receive a confirmation of your order by email and estimated delivery date. Best of all, you’ve done this online in only a few minutes. The hassle of driving, parking and time it takes to shop has been completely removed. That’s convenience. Give it a try and take the stress out of your gift giving.