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    Food Hampers

    Our food hampers are bulging with some of the most delectable foods available. Amongst this popular category, you'll find our delightful Heavenly Hamper or try our more traditional Cheese, Pate & Biscuits Hamper. There are loads of great choices and all are carefully hand wrapped and presented with gorgeous ribbons and bows.

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Something Special Food Hamper
    • Something Special Food Hamper
    • Our Something Special traditional food hamper creates excitement from the moment it arrives at your door. Starting with a bottle of Chegworth Valley's award winning Apple & Strawberry, two cheese favourites: Wensleydale & Cranberries and Ex...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Heavenly Hamper
    • Heavenly Hamper
    • Want to make your recipient feel like they've just entered the gates of heaven? Send them our fantastic Heavenly Hamper which includes an excellent assortment of delectable treats. Inside this hamper you'll find Fudges Cheese Topped Straws, Dormen's Roa...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Because You're Special Hamper
    • Because You're Special Hamper
    • Send your best wishes with style to someone extra special with our Because You're Special food hamper. Contents include More Than Gourmet Stocks, Scrumptious Pecan & Pineapple Cake and assorted sweet & savoury biscuits. ...

    £70.85More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Luxury Feast Food Hamper
    • Luxury Feast Food Hamper
    • If you're looking for food hampers that are a bit extra special, then look no further. Our Luxury Feast Food Hamper is fit for a Queen or a King. From Clam's award winning handmade Chocolate Cake (that tastes like a fresh baked fudge brownie!)...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Tasty Treats Hamper
    • Tasty Treats Hamper
    • Show someone how special they are to you by sending them our Tasty Treats hamper. Suitable for most any occasion, this hamper is well rounded with a variety of delicious Tasty Treats. From one of the all time favourites: Wensleydale & Cranberries ch...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Shelby's Hamper
    • Shelby's Hamper
    • When ordinary hampers simply won't do, send the extraordinary. Our Shelby's hamper has a brilliant selection of fine gourmet foods that will be long remembered. This enticing food hamper includes from the Lake District, award winning Hawkshead Cumb...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Well Deserved Food Hamper
    • Well Deserved Food Hamper
    • If you know someone that has gone the extra mile and really deserves something special, then this food hamper is the one. Loaded with six different Mrs Bridges award winning Chutneys and Sauces, this gift will surely make someone's day extremely sp...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Missie's Hamper
    • Missie's Hamper
    • The Hamper and Gift People create hampers for any occasion and this one is a beauty. A fine selection of the tastiest foods imaginable are all tucked away in our enticing Missie's Hamper. We've included, as a special treat, Italy's award winning Solera 1...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Just Because Hamper
    • Just Because Hamper
    • Sometimes there really doesn't need to be a reason to send hampers to very special people. They are our closest friends, our knights in shining armour or just the greatest people we know. Our Just Because Hamper was created to be used for any occas...

    £60.65More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Woodlands Food Hamper
    • Woodlands Food Hamper
    • Want to make someone really feel special? This delightful food hamper will lift anyone's spirits and have them dancing in the rain when they receive our Woodlands Food Hamper. In this hamper, we've included Burtree House's Supreme Award W...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Amazing Tastes Hamper
    • Amazing Tastes Hamper
    • Our Amazing Tastes hampers are just that....full of superior tasting foods designed for anyone looking for something a bit gratifying! Amongst other goodies in this hamper, we included Italy's Solera 12 Emilian Balsamic and Raspberry Balsamic ...

    £55.30More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Union Jack Hamper
    • Union Jack Hamper
    • A fantastic food hamper to send someone who loves superb fine foods in real British style. This traditional hamper contains a bottle of James White's Cox non-alcoholic drink, which is not in the display picture. We've also included Extra Matur...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Tea Lovers Delight Hamper
    • Tea Lovers Delight Hamper
    • What an amazing food hamper to send to someone, for any occasion whatsoever. We've included Borders Butterscotch & Pecan cookies, Cairnsmhor Banoffee Crumble Biscuits and an absolutely scrumptious Pecan & Pineapple ...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - The Cheese and Biscuits Hamper
    • The Cheese and Biscuits Hamper
    • Ask anyone what are their favourite cheeses and they will say Wensleydale & Cranberries, Blue Stilton and Extra Mature Cheddar. So why not send them a hamper that you know they will love? Included in this hamper are McKenzie's Oval Alberts...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Just for You Hamper
    • Just for You Hamper
    • A very different food hamper for someone who really loves Mrs Bridges as much as we do. Their traditional ways and methods mean they take things slowly; slow boiling, open-pan method of making their marmalades and preserves. A family run ...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Cheese, Pate and Biscuits Hamper
    • Cheese, Pate and Biscuits Hamper
    • Here at The Hamper and Gift People, our hampers are created to impress their recipients with lovely, award winning foodsand stunning presentation. If you are looking for a gift hamper that needs to impress the most discerning tas...

    £47.15More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Fruity Hamper
    • Fruity Hamper
    • A heavenly sweet hamper with lots of different fruity flavours. No sweet tooth can resist our Fruity Hamper, which features Chocolate covered Strawberries and Chocolate covered Raspberries, Anthon Berg Strawberries in Champagne Chocolates, the frui...

    £42.95More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Sweet and Sassy Hamper
    • Sweet and Sassy Hamper
    • Looking a hamper that will satisfy someone that prefers something sweet? This is a perfect choice. From the tastiest Clotted Cream Fudges, to the most amazing Banoffee Curd and Guylian Belgium Chocolate Sauces you have ever tast...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Afternoon Break Food Hamper
    • Afternoon Break Food Hamper
    • Know someone that really deserves a break from their downright stressful, hectic day? Then this food hamper is perfect! Complete with Edinburgh Tea and the most delectable treats, this hamper will surely be just what is needed to relax an...

    £41.75More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - A Touch of Chocolate Hamper
    • A Touch of Chocolate Hamper
    • Here's a great way to make a true chocolate lover smile! Our chocolate gift hampers are full of mouth-watering chocolate treats. We specifically design our chocolate gift hampers to take any choc-o-holic on a chocolaty path to chocol...

    £41.29More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Snackables Hamper
    • Snackables Hamper
    • The perfect year round food hamper! No matter what time of the year it is, everyone likes to snack on something yummy, and that's exactly what this hamper is filled with. Our Snackables Hamper starts with Walker's Chocolate Chip Shortbread and...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Something Sweet Hamper
    • Something Sweet Hamper
    • Send this memorable hamper full of tasty sweet treats that won't be forgotten easily. This hamper has a superb selection and something a bit different. Sure to please even the most discerning sweet lovers.

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Cheese and Pate Hamper
    • Cheese and Pate Hamper
    • England is a nation of cheese lovers and this hamper is a perfect gift for that kind of person. Filled with a fantastic selection of British popular cheeses and some really delicious pates as well. Cheeses include Wensleydale and Cranberries,&...

    £39.80More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Cake Lovers Delight Hamper
    • Cake Lovers Delight Hamper
    • Our Cake Lovers Delight hamper is really quite unique and filled with three award winning, hand baked cakes. These cakes are appoximately 5 inches round and over 3 inches tall and weighing between 370g - 535g. Made from real ingredients a...

    £37.95More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Relish the Cheese and Biscuits Hamper
    • Relish the Cheese and Biscuits Hamper
    • Here's a food hamper with three of Hawkshead Relish's finest foods: Red Onion Marmalade, Cumberland Sauce and Westmorland Chutney. We've added two of our favorourite cheeses to go with these items are Extra Mature Cheddar and Blue Stilton...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Savoury Goodness Food Hamper
    • Savoury Goodness Food Hamper
    • Some people prefer savoury hampers to sweet hampers and with that in mind, we feel our Savoury Goodness Food Hamper is just the right one. A well rounded basket of mouthwatering, savoury flavours sure to excite the taste buds. McKenzie's Oval ...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Coffee and Biscuits Hamper
    • Coffee and Biscuits Hamper
    • What a brilliant hamper to receive. A fine selection of biscuits with flavours to dazzle anyone. And what goes better with biscuits... fresh ground Edinburgh Coffee, of course! And to top it all off, a large box of Whitakers Mint Creams. Enjoy...

    £32.29More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Tea Time Hamper
    • Tea Time Hamper
    • A very difficult gift hamper for anyone to resist. Not only does it have Walkers Shortbread Highlanders and Cairnsmhor's Banoffee Crumble Biscuits, but it has a very tasty, Silver Award winning Ginger Cake...for someone who truly yearns f...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Mad About Biscuits Hamper
    • Mad About Biscuits Hamper
    • This hamper is dedicated to all those who just love really tasty biscuits. From Walkers Shortbread Biscuits onto Borders Butterscotch & Pecan cookies and Black Forest cookies and further to Cairnsmhor Lemon Shorties (yum!) a...

    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Comfort Food Hamper
    • Comfort Food Hamper
    • A great way to put a smile on someone's face with this hamper filled with a fine selection of tasty treats, which is why we call it "Comfort Food"....

    £28.55More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Coffee & Biscuits Surprise Hamper
    • Coffee & Biscuits Surprise Hamper
    • Enjoy both Borders Butterscotch & Pecan cookies and Black Forest cookies with a cup of fresh ground Edinburgh coffee. A tantalising jar of Mrs Bridges Orange Marmalade with Stem Ginger will go down well on some buttered toas...

    £28.55More DetailsOut of Stock
    Food Hampers - Gift Hampers - Biscuit Basket Hamper
    • Biscuit Basket Hamper
    • Delicious, award winning biscuits from Scotland. A great hamper for just about any occasion that comes to mind, especially "thank you", "get well soon", "secret admirer".....

    £24.30More DetailsOut of Stock