Online Gambling

Online gambling is expanding at an amazing rate, while the historical backdrop of the business is still as new as the Internet itself. Be sure to check out to learn more on the topic of online gaming. It is exceptionally prominent nowadays, as...

Hypnosis for a Better You: Basic Self-hypnosis

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Corporate Hampers

A large portion of our business is with various small to large companies throughout the UK, requiring multiple hampers to various customers, clients and staff recognition events. Corporate orders are what we do best and most often. On our site, you can create your own...

Hampers are perfect gifts for any occasion

Whatever the occasion is, we have the perfect hamper gift you need. Our dazzling gift baskets are delivered to endless events throughout the year including anniversaries, weddings, retirement gifts, graduation gifts, staff incentive gifts or even secret admirers. Our...

Food Hampers, Gift Hampers & Christmas Hampers for the UK.

When words aren't enough, say it with Hampers!  Sending hampers can be a personal reflection on you and thus, an even bigger reflection on us. That's why we care about what we do to the smallest detail and our wonderful customers keep returning to us time after...

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Our Story

After trying various online and catalogue mail-order company’s food hampers, anxiously awaiting their arrival and then, finding such disappointment with the taste of the food items, most of which ended up in the rubbish bin, we felt that we could make a much better hamper! So we did!

First of all, we wanted food items in our hampers that were something “extra special” that you wouldn’t find on the shelves of your local supermarket and had excellent taste. We attended trade shows and discovered The Guild of Fine Foods, which is an organisation dedicated to promoting excellence in speciality foods. Since 1993, the guild has organised the Great Taste Awards, which has gained widespread recognition amongst the UK’s retailers and consumers and is now seen as the benchmark for fine food and drink in the UK. Products fortunate enough to receive an award cannot only claim to be of the finest quality, but can prove it as well. All entries undergo rigorous tests by a specially selected panel of experts, which include leading chefs and food critics. We decided to taste some of their award winners. Wow! We were impressed. The award winners were excellent! So, we started looking for food items with these prestigious awards to put into our hampers.

Since our food items were being carefully chosen to be of top quality, we felt that our hamper baskets should be the same. So, we sourced a wicker basket supplier that not only makes excellent quality baskets, but also has an ethical and fair trading policy to protect the workers involved in the production of the hamper baskets. In this policy which we support, workers are highly skilled artisans who enjoy higher wages than realistic average local expectations. Men and women are paid the same rate for the same job and no child labour is used. Working environments far exceed regulatory standards of health and safety, which includes the provision of airy, well-illuminated modern workshops. So, the hamper you purchase with us, supports this fair trading policy which we think is important.

We felt that our hampers should not only be packed well on the inside but also on the outside, to protect them from the “lumps and bumps” along the way before they arrive to their final destination… an eagerly awaiting special person. We thought, what’s the point of taking the time to order a hamper, only to find damaged items inside once it arrives? So, instead of taking that risk and choosing a cheaper, single-walled cardboard box, we opted for a more durable, double-walled cardboard box. Although a bit more expensive, it’s twice as strong and less chance of getting damaged during transit, and that makes good sense to us and our customers.

Although we have created a wide selection of hampers to choose from, with many different themes in each, we felt it would be even better if our customers could “Create their own hamper”. This way, if a customer wanted to create a unique hamper to their own personal taste, they could easily do so. So we did!
The only thing more enjoyable than creating your own unique hamper, is receiving it.

We have a wide selection of hampers which, none are pre-made waiting to be shipped out and all are carefully assembled by hand when we receive an order. We also have a wide range of prices to suit the most discerning tastes as well as those working with a budget. Whether your order is for one hamper or for a few hundred hampers or more, we will ensure it is hand-packed carefully and then double-checked by a second person to ensure all of the contents are in order before it leaves our premises.

The Hamper & Gift People are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service. We care about our customers and hope to build and maintain good customer relationships with each and every customer we have the privilege to work with. We hope to earn our customers confidence in knowing that if a problem arises; it will be dealt with immediately and fairly. After all, the best compliment we can ever hope to receive is your repeat business.

Lastly, we are continually looking for ways to improve and be able to serve our customers better. The best way we can do this is through regular customer feedback. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback.

Thank you for your business and hope you are pleased with your hamper from The Hamper & Gift People.